1951 refugee convetions importance in protecting

International Law Failing the Rohingyas In the past few years, issues surrounding immigration, refugees, and displaced persons have proven to be ones transcending national jurisdiction. Since the eruption of the Syrian Civil War in

1951 refugee convetions importance in protecting

These are external links and will open in a new window Close share panel Europe migrant crisis Image copyright Getty Images The UN Refugee Convention was devised when the world was recovering from a global war which had displaced vast numbers of people.

But now, as the world grapples with a new refugee crisis, many think there are problems with the year-old agreement. The Convention was not initially intended to cover all refugees: Its mission was expected to be over in just three years.

Media playback is unsupported on your device Media captionThe BBC examines the statistics of migration over decades across the world "The basic idea is that if somebody has fled, they shouldn't be returned to a country where their life or freedom would be threatened.

That sets the scene for realising that the UNHCR and the Convention both need to have a life beyond dealing with people displaced by events pre In some ways [this protocol] is extraordinarily successful because people are recognised as refugees all over the world whether through processes that UNHCR or national governments run, so this definition has a life in national law and practice around the world.

Those who fall outside of the definition are, if you like, the classic picture we generally have of refugees, people who are simply trying to escape violence. Media playback is unsupported on your device Media captionUNHCR special envoy Angelina Jolie Pitt warned against a "race to the bottom" "In order to count as a refugee you have to cross a border and that means that people fleeing violence who can't cross a border are not entitled to claim refugee status and therefore don't have protection.

There are about 38 million internally displaced people in the world at the moment - in Democratic Republic of Congo, Iraq, Nigeria, but the major one is Syria.

The convention as it stands doesn't cover climate change refugees. It depends on the political atmosphere in a country at any particular time. If we get a new convention in international law which people have signed up to, that means it's quite clear who has the rights and who needs to meet them.

We need a much clearer view. Originally from Brazil, political philosopher Dr Luara Ferracioli teaches at the University of Amsterdam, and is currently doing academic work in Australia.

Media playback is unsupported on your device Media captionSamih arrived at the Idomeni camp in February, and showed the BBC what daily life is like "Refugee camps only protect their rights to nutrition, housing, clothing, but there are no prospects for refugees to flourish.

Recipient states should create a new bond with the refugee: And only if we make use of resettlement will we be in a position to distribute numbers more fairly, there's no other way. Why would someone from Colombia - who is not a genuine refugee - pretend to be a refugee, make her way to the UK if she might end up being resettled in Argentina?

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Once it's there, it's what guides the action of states; it doesn't leave it up to states to decide how they should treat refugees. I think the effort itself could prove damaging to a system which has brought a certain measure of protection to millions of people over the years.

Image copyright Getty Images Image caption After the Vietnam War, the UK accepted refugees from Hong Kong, its colony at the time "I share the the doubts of many in thinking that we can lead with a convention. I think we have to review what we have been able to achieve informally in the past.

1951 refugee convetions importance in protecting

What we did, for example, with the Indochina refugee crisis in the s and the s. Listen online or download the podcast.The Convention also recognizes the international scope of the refugee problem and the importance of international solidarity and cooperation in trying to resolve them.


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The Convention was designed partly to solve the problems of the many World War II refugees still scattered across Europe. 3. The UN Refugee Convention was devised when the world was recovering from a global war which had displaced vast numbers of people.

But now, as the world grapples with a new refugee crisis. CONTENT summary convention 1 convention 2 convention 3 convention 4 State Parties: The Geneva Conventions are international treaties binding on all States which have accepted them.

Sep 15,  · This video is unavailable. Watch Queue Queue. Watch Queue Queue Queue. several international legal instruments for the protection of such persons, the Refugee Convention remains of pivotal importance for their protection. It argues that the refugee definition in article 1A(2) of the Refugee Convention must be interpreted in light of.

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