A research proposal for the change in climate experienced in northern canada

Infrastructure Canada Backgrounder As part of the Investing in Canada plan, applicants seeking federal funding for new major public infrastructure projects will now be asked to undertake an assessment of how their projects will contribute to or reduce carbon pollution, and to consider climate change risks in the location, design, and planned operation of projects. The Climate Lens will help infrastructure owners design better projects by assessing their opportunities to reduce carbon pollution and identify when they should be adapting project design to better withstand impacts of climate change e.

A research proposal for the change in climate experienced in northern canada

Climate Money The Climate Industry: Who audits the IPCC? A dedicated but largely uncoordinated grassroots movement of scientists has sprung up around the globe to test the integrity of the theory and compete with a well funded highly organized climate monopoly.

They have exposed major errors. Banks are calling for more carbon-trading. The large expenditure in search of a connection between carbon and climate creates enormous momentum and a powerful set of vested interests.

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By pouring so much money into one theory, have we inadvertently created a self-fulfilling prophesy instead of an unbiased investigation? The force of monopolistic funding works like a ratchet mechanism on science.

These are actual dollars, obtained from government reports, and not adjusted for inflation. It does not include funding from other governments. The real total can only grow.

A research proposal for the change in climate experienced in northern canada

Tax concessions add to this. See below for details and sources.

A research proposal for the change in climate experienced in northern canada

Click on the graph for a larger image. Hardly any have been funded to find the opposite. Throw 30 billion dollars at one question and how could bright, dedicated people not find pages worth of connections, links, predictions, projections and scenarios? Monopolistic funding creates a ratchet effect where pro-AGW findings are reported and repeated, while anti-AGW results lie unstudied and ignored.

Monopolistic funding creates a ratchet effect where even the most insignificant pro-AGW findings are reported, repeated, trumpeted and asserted, while any anti-AGW results lie unstudied, ignored and delayed.

Auditing AGW research is so underfunded that for the most part it is left to unpaid bloggers who collect donations from concerned citizens online. These auditors, often retired scientists, are providing a valuable free service to society, and yet, in return they are attacked, abused, and insulted.

The truth will come out in the end, but how much damage will accrue while we wait for volunteers to audit the claims of the financially well-fed? All of this means we must be extra diligent in only focusing on just the evidence, the science, the empirical data.

Illogic and unreason cloud a debate already loaded with bias. When there are so many incentives encouraging unclarity and overcomplexity, the simple truths need help to rise to the top. But who funds the counter-PR campaign—now that even Exxon has been howled out of the theater of science.

There is hardly any money promoting Natural Causes of Climate Change, while billions upon trillions promote Unnatural Forces. In this scientific debate, one side is gagged while the other side has a government-funded media campaign.

The point of this report is to show how the process of science can be distorted like any human endeavor by a massive one-sided input of money. The massive amounts of money involved only makes it more imperative that we look hard at the empirical evidence.A selection of recent stories about the San Francisco State University community that have appeared in the media.

Note: These summaries link directly to pages published by the media outlets cited. Climate change is a change in the statistical distribution of weather patterns when that change lasts for an extended period of time (i.e., decades to millions of years).

Climate change may refer to a change in average weather conditions, or in the time variation of weather . Ambry Genetics 15 Argonaut Aliso Viejo, CA Ambry Genetics is a genomic services provider specializing in next-gen sequencing, microarrays, genotyping and bioinformatics.

Ambry scientists have been working with NGS platforms since and is both College of American Pathologists (CAP)-accredited and Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments (CLIA)-certified.

An acronym is an abbreviation coined from the initial letter of each successive word in a term or phrase. In general, an acronym made up solely from the first letter of the major words in the expanded form is rendered in all capital letters (NATO from North Atlantic Treaty Organization; an exception would be ASEAN for Association of Southeast Asian Nations).

Clearly, challenges lie ahead for developing responses to climate change in northern Canada. The crisis in northern research in Canada will not be resolved simply or quickly.

It requires a long-term commitment to capacity building and new, flexible, funding initiatives. Climate Change and Health Adaptation Program for Northern First Nations and the Climate Change and Health Adaptation Program (CCHAP)? Program Objectives Program Structure History of the CCHAP Results Output Case Studies Impacts of the CCHAP Outline.

What is the CCHAP 3 CCHAP funds community-led research projects in northern Canada .

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