A review of the current canteen situation and proposal for upgrading

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A review of the current canteen situation and proposal for upgrading

These informal settlements consist mainly of structures made of substandard materials. In the poor settlements, between 35 and 40 percent of the residents own houses; the remainder are tenants.

These are located predominantly to the north, northwest, and south of the central business district. Basic data on all 37 settlements, including their current status, are included in Annex A.

The ongoing urbanization trend is causing growth in informal settlements at a rate of 12 percent per year.

A review of the current canteen situation and proposal for upgrading

Poverty levels are worse in informal settlements than elsewhere in the city. Health is generally very poor. Female-headed households are 18 percent of all households in the Lusaka province; these generally represent the poorest proportion of the population.

Informal employment is estimated at about 65 percent and unemployment at 28 percent in the informal settlements. Approximately 45 percent of household expenditures are spent on food and 12 percent on housing.


Approximately 35 percent of households have their own tap, and 41 percent use public taps; the remainder often use unsafe water. Approximately 44 percent of households have access to electricity. Thirty percent of households use shared pit latrines. In summary, the survey found the following: There is significant informal trading activity by approximately 25 percent of household heads.

About 12 percent of household heads reported that they were unemployed. Approximately 11 percent of respondents had never attended school; 41 percent had completed primary education; 18 percent, junior secondary school; and 15 percent, senior secondary school.

Education up to this level is rarely sufficient to obtain entry to formal employment. Less than 50 percent of survey respondents said they paid for the water they use. Over 80 percent of the respondents said water distribution is poor. Over 90 percent use basic unprotected pit latrines, which pollute the groundwater drawn from the shallow wells; over 60 percent of households share latrines.

There is no systematic waste collection. Mean household size is six persons.


Houses are mostly informal, are not made from plans, and are generally built by the resident s. Construction is predominantly concrete block walls and corrugated iron or asbestos sheet roofs. Over 65 percent of survey respondents said they own their plot or house, but only about 12 percent actually have title deeds to the land; thus, the owners do not have security of tenure.

Roads are of unpaved gravel and in poor condition with no drains; many are impassable in the rainy season. For improvement, 65 percent of surveyed residents preferred an upgrading option and 30 percent a relocation option, provided a fully serviced plot and house were provided.

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The issues cited by residents were, in rank order: The way this regularization presently works in Zambia is as follows.

Currently, the majority of land on which informal settlements are situated is publicly owned. These settlements must be recognized by municipal administrations and regularized declared by the national government, through the Ministry of Local Government and Housing MLGHso that occupiers of plots within them can obtain tenure.Palm Island is an Aboriginal community located on Great Palm Island, also called by the Aboriginal name "Bwgcolman", an island on the Great Barrier Reef in North Queensland, Australia The settlement is also known by a variety of other names including "the Mission", Palm Island Settlement or Palm Community..

Palm Island is often termed a classic .

A review of the current canteen situation and proposal for upgrading

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