An overview of the black atlantic essay and the role of shane gladstone

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An overview of the black atlantic essay and the role of shane gladstone

In this groundbreaking book, Monica Popescu studies the In this groundbreaking book, Monica Popescu studies the formative role played by an imaginary and real Eastern Europe in literature written during and after apartheid. Reading the end of apartheid against the fall of the communist regimes in Eastern Europe, she rethinks the genealogy and aims of postcolonial studies in the context both of the Cold War and of the various forms of colonial domination and resistance in South Africa.

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With a deft hand, she reveals a sphere of influence too often masked by the preoccupation, critical writing, with the interplay of colony and metropole.

By insisting on reading the end of apartheid against the end of the Soviet regime, Popescu offers a highly suggestive account of the manner in which post Cold War shifts have affected literature and theory alike in the postcolony.

At once original and provocative, this work is an important addition to South African scholarship.

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Search by Course Title, Number or Instructor Last Name: Migrants, Servants and Slaves: Slavery in the British Empire James Walvin The terrible story of African slavery in the British colonies of the West Indies and North America is told with clarity and compassion in this classic history.

Revealing for the first time the numerous invocations of Russia and Eastern Europe in the South African literary and cultural imaginary, it further undoes the overdrawn vertical axis between metropole and colony which has so dominated postcolonial thinking.

Instead, South African literature is granted the challenge of an Eastern European perspective. This is an important contribution to the field of postcolonial studies.Tour Start here for a quick overview of the site The Atlantic slave trade involved the large-scale deportation of West African slaves to sugar plantations on the other side of the Atlantic.

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An overview of the black atlantic essay and the role of shane gladstone

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Narrating the Black Atlantic (4 Credits) the role of the black artist in promoting social change, gendered differences in protest literature, and whether politics informs and elevates art or strangles it.

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