An overview of the novel i know what you did last summer

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An overview of the novel i know what you did last summer

The synopsis below may give away important plot points. So they party and get drunk and go to an isolated beach by their town. While on the beach, they discuss their futures beyond their small town, as well as discuss an urban legend regarding a young couple who find a hook attached to their car door.

Since Ray is the only one of them that is sober, he is tasked with driving them back home.

An overview of the novel i know what you did last summer

The ride soon gets out of control when Barry spills alcohol in the car, distracting Ray, who accidentally hits a random stranger on the road. The incident soon turns ugly when the group begin to argue over what happened.

The police won't believe it as an accident, since there's alcohol spilled in the car, and the car belongs to Barry.

The situation grows worse when a vehicle appears in the distance. This turns out to be another local teenager, named Max Johnny Galecki. Julie distracts him by saying they just had car trouble, and he drives on. Once he's gone, the talk turns to disposing of the body to hide what happened.

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Julie feels that they should tell what they did but Barry, drunk and in a violently-upset rage, demands that no one be told, with Helen taking Barry's side.

They take it down to the nearby docks and dump the body in the water, with Barry making everyone swear to take the secret to their graves.

One year later and now a freshman in college, Julie goes home for the summer. While at home, her Mom gives her a letter that was received, but it has no return address and is not postmarked.

Inside, she finds a folded piece of paper with a message: However, Elsa soon reveals that Helen went to college in New York and then came back, now working in their family's store. They then go to see Barry.

Barry claims that no one can know, and as the three discuss that fateful night, Barry recalls how Max drove by, and he was the only person there that night. Barry immediately suspects him, and the three head down to the nearby docks.

Barry claims he'll 'talk' to Max in private, but Barry gets carried away, threatening Max with an ice pick, telling him to leave them alone, even though Max claims he has no idea what Barry is talking about.

While down at the docks, Julie finds Ray working off a fishing boat down there. He tries to patch things up regarding their now-broken relationship, but she runs off. Back inside Max's workplace, unseen by anyone, Max is killed when an unseen person uses the ice pick that Barry had threatened Max with.

Later that evening, Barry goes to a local gym to workout. In the locker room, he hears a sound. Looking around the locker room, Barry finds nothing until he returns to his locker. He soon finds a Polaroid photo of his BMW, with a message written on the back: Rushing out of the locker room, Barry see his car turn on, and back off down the road.

Barry gives chase, only to have the driver attempt to run him down. The driver, wearing a dark fisherman's rain slicker and wielding a large ice hook, gets out of the car and stands over him. Barry ends up in the hospital, but is unable to tell the police anything about the person's identity, other than that he wore a black rain slicker, and carried an ice pick.

In his hospital room, the four friends talk about what happened, with Barry still strongly against revealing what they did.

Julie then reveals that she has been doing some investigating, and reveals that the name of the person they struck was David Egan. Feeling that maybe Egan survived and is staying with a local relative, Julie and Helen head out to the Egan's residence deep in the inland swamps.

Missy explains that David's death devastated their family, as Julie and Helen act under the guise that their vehicle has broken down.A newspaper clipping from the year before that said that a 10 year old boy had been killed in a hit-and-run accident. This one-page guide includes a plot summary and brief analysis of I Know What You Did Last Summer by Lois Duncan.

Lois Duncan’s I Know What You Did Last Summer () follows a group of teenagers in an American town as they deal with the ramifications of accidentally killing a young boy. The novel was adapted as a major motion picture in I Know What You Did Last Summer was in the first group of 10 different titles that were updated and reissued with these changes.

Small details were changed to include references to modern tools such as Google, cell phones, and clothing Lois Duncan. Includes a Q & A with the author I Know What You Did Last Summer was made into a film in , directed by Jim Gillespie and starring Jennifer Love Hewitt and Sarah Michelle Gellar I Know What You Did Last Summer takes place nearly a year after four teenagers accidentally ran .

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I Know What You Did Last Summer by Lois Duncan