Anacomp case

Posted on June 23, by Chris Dale Anacomp Inc, a large US provider of document and business process management solutions, has acquired CaseLogistix, the evidence and litigation management software company from Nashville, Tennessee. This is the press release of 20th June. Following my usual rule of reading one sentence in four and skipping anything in quotation marks, I discern that Anacomp has a data capture solution called docHarbor, and secure scanning and conversion centres in the US and Europe, and that it saw CaseLogistix as the ideal tool for delivery of its work product to users. I took instantly to CaseLogistix when I came across its web site at www.

Anacomp case

What do you do?

Anacomp case

I am involved in a small sub-set of the procedural requirements for civil litigation, I say. I know about a specific aspect of the use of technology for information retrieval and review. They look around for someone else to talk to.

No, listen, I say, the intersection between these two subjects is really interesting and important. Their head hits the table. There is only a handful of us in the world who just write and talk about it, I add, as I try to shake them awake.

I exaggerate, a little. That is, however, the way the world is going as life becomes more complicated and information-rich. If you practice law or medicine, manufacture things, teach or join the military, the trend is towards finding something you are good at and which people want to buy, and doing it well.

There are exceptions — people or businesses who find skills or niches which complement what they do already or to which they can bring a team and a process which they have developed in their main business.

The word consolidation can imply two opposite ideas — adding complementary business areas or bringing your main fire-power to bear on one target.

Anacomp, meanwhile, wants to focus on the eDiscovery opportunities which opened up when it bought the widely-respected data review platform CaseLogistix which has, in a short time, become central to its business. Emerging Technology and a Defensible Process in and Beyond. If Gartner is right and what they say accords with the general feel which I am getting from several quartersthat decision looks a prudent one.Bussiness Challenge Anacomp possesses one of the largest document repositories in the world.

Anacomp's multiple data centers capture, manage, deliver and preserve billions of documents, meeting the most stringent customer security and availability requirements for .

This is the historical insider ownership of Anacomp Inc.

ANACOMP INC (Form: S-8, Received: 06/11/ )

It is usually better to buy companies with large insider ownership. The company insiders' interest are more aligned with external shareholders in this case. Prior to joining Anacomp, Gayle spent two years as an independent legal technology consultant working with a diverse group of entities.

Anacomp case

Most recently, she spent several months working for the US Courts on the Hells Angels case, creating the databases for the defense team as well as working daily at the trial running Sanction. Digital Reef (news, site), fresh of their announcement of a new CEO, has announced a new partnership with Anacomp.

A provider of litigation support and businesses process services and solutions, Anaco. Anacomp was the original provider of the microfiche system and has maintained the equipment for the last 15 years. The new system began to come on-line in June last year, with Eastern transferring microfiche files to Anacomp in batches.

Darwin Watch: In what signals a significant move into the e-discovery market, Thomson Reuters has purchased CaseLogistix from San Diego's Anacomp.


Terms of deal were not announced. CaseLogistix offers document review, data ingestion, and production tools to help litigation teams manage the electronic discovery review process, says TR.

"The acquisition is a critical next step in furthering the.

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