Bboy thesis seattle

Tweet "Mash Hall love family thicker than blood. The line has become something of a mantra not to mention at least one pair of forearm tattoos for the loose collective of creative friends and associates that has been ringing bells in breakdancing and rap circles across the region. Voice and his cousin Kip Fox better known as djblesOne came of age in the s, living up and down the West Coast, from Los Angeles and Oakland to Portland and Seattle, making music about their core interests:

Bboy thesis seattle

Ryan Spencer Photography Since the birth of Seattle breakdancing crew Massive Monkees inthe local b-boys and b-girls have won world titles and defied gravity with their spins, flips, and one-armed lifts.

For the uninitiated, what exactly is Massive Monkees Day? Massive Monkees Day is an annual dance competition that brings together over 1, urban youth from Seattle and around the country to promote productive, positive and healthy life choices through art and dance.

Every year to celebrate both our anniversary and to carry on the recognition that we received from Nickels, we do an annual event that involves the top b-boy or b-girl or breakdancing crews from around the United States.

They all come to Seattle to compete for first place. What are some Bboy thesis seattle from your time with Massive Monkees? One of the highest points was just last year. We were the first American crew to do that.


I competed at R16 with the crew back in and we were super disappointed to lose to the Korean team in the semifinals. So this year, to beat the Korean team in the semifinals was a really, really high point us. Most of us are in our thirties at this point, and a lot of these dancers are younger than us.

It was just a testament to our formula as a crew that it could stand the test of time. Aside from that, I would say two other really big highlights were being able to dance with the Seattle Supersonics Boom Squad for many years, from to I just remember seeing Beyonce and Jay-Z in the hallway, with a couple other people from my crew, and they were sort of smiling and giving us a head nod like, oh, you guys again.

Early on for us, in the early s, our crew was really making a name for itself nationally as well as in Seattle, and in we won a world title and got a lot of attention for that. We kind of came up doing work with Steady Productions… and that whole melting pot of dope hip-hop elements in Seattle.

I would say back then it was very, very close and integrated. People like Massive Monkees get an opportunity to perform with guys like Blue Scholars and open up for Macklemore a handful of times.

I personally would like to see a lot more MCs and a lot more b-boys working together. Are there any up-and-coming b-boys we should know about? I would give a head nod to this kid SeanSteady. Another person I would definitely give a highlight to is BBoy Thesis.

We actually just put him in our crew Massive Monkees. How has Seattle influenced Massive Monkees? I work at Microsoft as an internal management consultant. I get paid to travel the world and help them make more money.

Massive Monkees Studio: The Beacon

I will reap the benefits of hard work and perseverance and all the character traits that breaking his instilled in us, hopefully, for the rest of my life.This event comes from Seattle Washington and it will be the first time it has been held in Sacramento, California.

The Sweet 16 is a 1 on 1 Invited Only featuring some of . Northwest/Seattle based break-dancing events. Search. Main menu. Skip to primary content. Skip to secondary content. Home; Events. All Style Sweet -B-boy/B-girl 5v5 crew Finals-Sweet 16 Finals PARTY TIME – After party at Baltic room.

Advertisements. Apr 23,  · International bboy champions Massive Monkees have built a small business by performing worldwide and teaching break dancing at their Seattle studio, The Beacon. Thias “Thesis. Menno bboy Cloud Trailer wall of death, bBOY thesis in Seattle Silverback Bboy Events x YAK films.

Danny Ray The Thesis.

Bboy thesis seattle

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Save the blue planet essay rymond kraft essay Use xLyriX to find your favorite song lyrics. B-Boy Lilou took his revenge by the win on the Red Bull BC One winner B-Boy Menno and became the first winner of the Undisputed event. In Menno and Lilou battled at the solo B-Boy battle of the UK B-Boy Championships, organized at the same venue where the battle of the winners took place of the Undisputed event.

All About B-boy Airdit Ardit Gjikaj aka B-Boy AIRDIT from Germany will be one of the “seniors” at this year’s RED BULL BC ONE.

With 28 years of age, he will be one of the older dancers in Tokyo.

Bboy thesis seattle
Now he is one of the best bboys in the world.