Business english lesson plan making short business presentations

The students will look at examples of these landforms from around the world.

Business english lesson plan making short business presentations

I actually had the pleasure of meeting Alan just a couple of weeks ago in Ecuador, for the annual Chautauqua event. Alan was an attendee, but he offered to give a presentation on how to start a business. And it was fantastic! It fit perfectly in with all the other presentations of the week.

Free ESL Business English Lesson - Presentation

So, without further delay, Alan, thanks a lot for being here. Just a week ago, we just got back from a ridiculously incredible week we had in Ecuador for the Chautauqua.

business english lesson plan making short business presentations

How did you find the experience? It was an incredible experience. Katie, my wife, and I came. And just to be sat in a 16th century hacienda, talking to MMM, you, Jim Collins, and discussing our future, financial independence and all that stuff, was just an amazing week.

It exceeded all my expectations as well. Was it what you expected or was it quite different? I think the biggest difference from what I expected was that there was less of a focus on the pure mechanics, math and strategies of how to get to financial independence.

business english lesson plan making short business presentations

I think because a large part of the participants were actually well on the journey. That was the biggest thing that surprised me.

So yeah, I completely agree. It surprised me as well. It was a fantastic difference from what I expected the Chautauqua to be.

Any major lessons learned, or any big changes in your personal journey from it or are you still processing it? Katie and I are some of the most organized and geeky people around. So we had a tab for each of the one-to-one sessions we had with different questions that we have wanted to ask yourself, Jim Collins and MMM.

Then obviously, we need to translate the American advice into an English platform, so that we can actually implement it. So yes, maybe people have picked on this, but you are not from America. Where exactly are you from?

Teaching a Business English Course - Giving a Presentation Lesson Plan

I am not American. But yes, maybe just give a little background about how you got on this journey and where you guys are at. And he spoke about the difference between an asset and a liability.

So, we spent some time working to buy assets which we own a couple of small flats that we rent out which led us onto all sorts of study and learning, which, eventually, a friend sent us to Mr.

And eventually, Katie and I were both from the same page that this was something we wanted to achieve.

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So we set the goal of getting it all done by my 40th birthday which is September You mentioned The Escape Artist. Are there any other good U.


There are a lot of people in the audience that are from the U. Are there any other ones that you found useful? One of the first books we read on this was actually Money: Master the Game by Tony Robbins.Survival English & Business English: English for travels worksheets, Powerpoint and other lesson plan resources - Students Survival English self-study..

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ENGAGE – Business English Lesson Plan – Learn to create Business English lesson plans online! Aim: to introduce the topic of giving presentations and to outline skills and characteristics that lead to a good presentation.

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