College admission news

The lawsuit, backed by the Trump administration, could eventually reach the Supreme Court, giving the newly cemented five-member conservative majority a chance to bar the use of affirmative action to help minority applicants get into college. Students for Fair Admissions SFFAfounded by anti-affirmative action activist Edward Blum, sued Harvard incontending it illegally engages in "racial balancing" that artificially limits the number of Asian-American students at the Ivy League school.

College admission news

Actually, there is much good news.

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There are more colleges than ever and they are more varied and diverse than ever. In reality most students who want to go to college can and do find numerous schools that will admit them and where they can find a happy fit.

According to the U. Approximately 2, of these are four-year colleges and universities and 68 percent of all high school graduates gain admission and enter a college each year.

When college admissions offices are often inundated with thousands or tens of thousands of applications, admissions personnel look for reasons to deselect applications simply to bring the number of applications to be reviewed down to reasonable levels.

College admission news

This means that deadlines, application instructions, required information all count. A college or university is a community with its own culture and traditions. Just like a town populated only by Albert Einsteins would not function, it would not function well if populated only by well-rounded jacks-of-all-trades, but who are expert in nothing.

You want your town to have a well-rounded population of various experts, specialists, and talents.

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Colleges are no different; they want individuals who meet certain academic minimums, but who can bring an expertise, a talent, unique experiences or skills. This goes for every college.

By Jonathan Lash, President, Hampshire College. You won’t find our college in the U.S. News & World Report “Best Colleges” rankings released this year Hampshire College decided not to accept SAT/ACT test scores from high school applicants seeking admission. The Delta State Polytechnic, Ogwashi-Uku Part-Time National Diploma (ND) Evening Programmes, Higher National Diploma (HND) Evening/Weekend Programmes Admission Forms, Entry Requirements, Application Guidelines for / Academic Session. University of Rajasthan PG Admission Test Notification University of Rajasthan has released official notification for admission to PG (Post Graduation) pro ReadMore. May 16, #Trending search. Get our latest news about exams. colleges and others.

Many colleges find this challenging, which can mean opportunities for the right students. Showing a college that you offer something unique, that you have a specialty, expertise, or background requires you demonstrate a track record in these things.

Waiting until your junior or senior year to start planning and preparing for college admissions is often too late. The earlier a student starts to plan and strategically prepare for the day when the college application is due, the more — and better — actual facts, activities, skills, specialties, or accomplishments that student will be able to document.

Often, good grades and test scores, with little other documented, sustained involvement or accomplishment, are not enough to gain acceptance at many colleges and universities. Nothing can replace truth, a documented track record, and the reality of results from good planning and years of preparation.

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Trying to spin a set of disjointed academic and extracurricular activities and participations into a tale of focus and passion — particularly at the last minute — is nearly always a recipe for rejection.

Admissions officials see thousands of student applications. Fabrication and spin standout. Planning ahead, thinking and acting strategically over a number of years, performing well academically, being prepared for and doing well on the SAT or ACT, and having a well-documented track record beats a last minute scramble and creative spin any day of the week.(Natural News) China’s new “social credit score” has earned plenty of scorn, According to recent reports, an American college student was just denied admission to a premiere university for the simple fact that he followed Alex Jones, founder of InfoWars, on Twitter.

Colleges want to do the right thing, but meaningful progress has simply not been made. Redefining the metrics of admissions assessment is the most direct way to address the issue of inequity in the admissions process.


Harvard University’s admissions dean defended the school’s recruitment of prospective students in the first day of a landmark trial accusing Harvard of discriminating against Asian-American.

Breaking News. 1 dead in fiery big rig crash in northwest Harris County “I got very serious about finding ways to get extra-involved in my community and be prepared for college admissions.

Nov 06,  · With 4, post-high school educational institutions, there is better news than many think about a student’s ability to earn admission to a college that will be a great fit for them. Applications to the college have increased 64 percent over the past four years.

From a record-breaking pool of more than 8, applications, Denison has offered admission to 2, students, resulting in the most selective year in Denison’s history, with an admission rate of 34 percent.

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