Computer ethic essay

So, for a purpose of maintenance of biometric systems such factors as the frequency and complexity should be taken an action to determine whether maintenance should be performed in-house or in need of support providers. If a support is needed a providers, provider should support the capabilities to make sure that the maintenance system can be done. Besides that, our country also involved in a developing a biometric standard system inside the country and also at the international level.

Computer ethic essay

The conceptual foundations of computer ethics are investigated by information ethicsa branch of philosophical ethics promoted, among others, by Luciano Floridi.

Computer ethic essay

While working on anti-aircraft artillery during World War IIWiener and his fellow engineers developed a system of communication between the part of a cannon that tracked a warplane, the part that performed calculations to estimate a trajectory, and the part responsible for firing.

A programmer was able to use a bit of computer code to stop his banking account from being flagged as overdrawn. However, there were no laws in place at that time to stop him, and as a result he was not charged.

He noticed a need for a different branch of ethics for when it came to dealing with computers. The term "computer ethics" was thus invented. He published a book titled Computer Power and Human Reason[7] which talked about how artificial intelligence is good for the world; however it should never be allowed to make the most important decisions as it does not have human qualities such as wisdom.

By far the most important point he makes in the book is the distinction between choosing and deciding. He argued that deciding is a computational activity while making choices is not and thus the ability to make choices is what makes us humans.

At a later time during the same year Abbe Mowshowitza professor of Computer Science at the City College of New York, published an article titled "On approaches to the study of social issues in computing.

Duringthe Right to Financial Privacy Act was adopted by the United States Congress, drastically limiting the government's ability to search bank records. Cloud University, came up with " information ethics ", a term that was used to describe the storage, production, access and dissemination of information.

Internet users hand over personal information in order to sign up or register for services without realizing that they are potentially setting themselves up for invasions of privacy.

There is a feature within searching that allows Google to keep track of searches so that advertisements will match your search criteria, which in turn means using people as products.

There is an ongoing discussion about what privacy and privacy enforcement measures imply. With the increase in social networking sites, more and more people are allowing their private information to be shared publicly.

On the surface, this may be seen as someone listing private information about them on a social networking site, but below the surface, it is the site that could be sharing the information not the individual. This is the idea of an opt-in versus opt-out situation. There are many privacy statements that state whether there is an opt-in or an opt-out policy.

Typically an opt-in privacy policy means that the individual has to tell the company issuing the privacy policy if they want their information shared or not. Opt-out means that their information will be shared unless the individual tells the company not to share it.

Identifying issues[ edit ] Identifying ethical issues as they arise, as well as defining how to deal with them, has traditionally been problematic. In solving problems relating to ethical issues, Michael Davis proposed a unique problem-solving method.

In Davis's model, the ethical problem is stated, facts are checked, and a list of options is generated by considering relevant factors relating to the problem. The actual action taken is influenced by specific ethical standards.The term was first used in with a published essay, What is Computer Ethics, by James Moor.

Moor was a professor of philosophy at Dartmouth College.

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So the computer ethic has emerged Computer ethics is concerned with standards of conduct as they pertain to computers. Hacker ethic is a term for the moral values and philosophy that are common in hacker attheheels.comtioners of the hacker ethic acknowledge that sharing information and data responsibly is beneficial and helpful.

Whilst the philosophy originated at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in the s–s, the term hacker ethic is attributed to journalist Steven Levy as described in his. So the computer ethic has emerged Computer ethics is concerned with standards of conduct as they pertain to computers.

Two pressing concerns in computer ethics are questions of copyright and privacy,  Samantha Ethics Essay ETH/ August 7, Mrs.

Computer Ethics Essay Example Computer Ethics Free Essay Example. Ethics are moral principles, which control the behaviour of an individual or a group; hence, computer ethics are moral principles that control the use of computers and the web.

Computer ethics is a part of practical philosophy concerned with how computing professionals should make decisions regarding professional and social conduct.

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Margaret Anne Pierce, a professor in the Department of Mathematics and Computers at Georgia Southern University has categorized the ethical decisions related to computer technology and.

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