Eng 157 multicultural issues paper and presentation

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Eng 157 multicultural issues paper and presentation

This period marks the birth of multiculturalism. Even so, it was clear that hegemonic forces ruled colonial thought process because multicultural author would essentially express abandonment of their old cultures in favor or in the protection of their ruling power.

The multicultural literature from the s to present has focused mostly on rejecting assimilation and promoting cultural nationalism Fung, While this trend in multicultural writing has actively communicated foreign perspectives and issues, promoted diversity, and embraced personal uniqueness, it is certainly more focused on differences between cultures rather than similarities.

This has can lead to bolstering irrational bracketing of groups of people, unfair stereotypes, and marginalization. Thus, where is the future of multiculturalism going? Is multicultural literature, as a division of English studies, truly a bridge to higher knowledge and appreciation for other cultures, or is it another wall dividing people?

Eng 157 multicultural issues paper and presentation

Source Multicultural Literature The role or purpose of multicultural literature, which functions in a duality between the author and the reader, is to establish cultural identity and self-concept, exemplify cultural uniqueness and commonality, and spread cultural awareness and authenticity.

Ultimately, multicultural literature aims to promote a greater understanding among foreign cultures. While multicultural literature idealistically has the power to capture and communicate foreign perspectives, promote diversity, and help readers embrace personal uniqueness, it may truly be bracketing groups of people into stereotypes, reinforcing otherness, and marginalizing authors.

Culture, Human Nature, and Self-Identity Culture is a powerful and ambiguous force because it ambivalently establishes community and autonomy, and collectivity and otherness: Humans are social creatures of habit and conformity.

As often as people like to claim they are autonomous individuals, so much human development and life experience depends on learning and interacting with other people.

Comfort is found when someone is immersed within the commonness of their culture, and alienation is felt when they are surrounded by the foreignness of another culture.

People crave to be a member of something larger than themselves because this is how people establish their unique individual identity: Source Cultural Diffusion and Diversity When cultures influence each other, conflict and conformism are inevitable.

Cultures are permeable and diffusible; when people come in contact with foreign styles, knowledge, and language they cannot resist thinking differently nor have their values challenged. As odd as it may sound, people often desire otherness Buckingham et al.

Even so, people fear the criticism that is inherently linked to otherness. Thus, they paradoxically desire commonness and uniqueness. At the cross-roads of cultures and at the exchange of multicultural literature this ambiguity thrives because everyone is different; that common link of embracing otherness brings about new knowledge and perspectives.

This is the beauty of diversity.Understanding Culture and Diversity in Building Communities. Chapter 27 Sections. Section 1. Understanding Culture and Diversity in Building Communities; Section 2.

Building Relationships with People from Different Cultures; you don't have to have a degree to learn to become sensitive to cultural issues; and you don't have to be a . ENG WEEK 2 Multicultural Literature and the Civil Rights Era Assignment Options ENG WEEK 2 Multicultural Literature and the Civil Rights Era.

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Organizing the Research Papers A research paper from each person of the three-person team will be completed in the proper MLA format. Racial, Ethnic and Cultural Diversity. Introduction. Given the high incidence rate of TBI in minority communities, the exploration of racial, ethnic, and cultural issues related to rehabilitation and outcomes is paramount.

The resources suggested here can help organizations, individuals, and service providers begin to understand these.

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