Essay on common sense and the declaration of independence

Hire Writer Still, from one British point of view, right fromwas that the parliament was the highest authority during the realm and so, anything they did should be constitutional. The foreign societies, on the other hand, believed that there are some certain primary human privileges which no government could break or ignore, not even the parliament and this makes many of them began to question whether the state institutions had any legal authority at all. This brings up an analysis from famous writers as Thomas Jefferson, and James Wilson that the parliament was the government of Great Britain only, and the colonies, which have their individual governments, were only linked to the empire through their loyalty to the crown. The Americas later realized that their right could only be secured outside the British Empire because British undertook to assert its sovereignty by taking possession of large armed forces during the American Revolution.

Essay on common sense and the declaration of independence

More Essay Examples on American Rubric One of the major reasons why the American Revolution started was because of the fact that the British were not including the Americans in the decisions that were being taken for the taxation proceeds from the citizens the Americans who felt that they were not being asked to participate in important decisions.

The seeds for revolt were planted by the resentment at the non-inclusion at the decision making process given the fact that the Americans felt that they made significant contributions to the coffers of the British.

At this point in time, the American colonies lacked any form of representation in the governing British Parliament. As such, many of the colonists felt that these new series of tax laws were illegitimate and therefore refused to honor them.

What began as a series of protests against the new taxes soon erupted and led to fighting in the year This meant that Britain could not successfully defend against all the attacks and thus were reduced to the control over a few coastal territories. Bya Declaration of Independence was adopted by the thirteen 13 colonies.

Not soon after, the American Revolution began. This was a critical event because it led to the introduction of a number of radical changes in the way governments were formed.

Another key development that led to this revolution was the birth and growth of enlightenment philosophy in America. The influence of this wave of thinking created a certain sect that was opposed to an absolute monarchy, such as that of the British Empire, and instead embraced a new form of government that was revolutionary for its time.

The broad intellectual and social paradigm shifts within the colonies spurred the influx of new ideas with regard to republican ideals that began to take hold among the members of the colonies. America, at this point, was willing to wage war in order to be properly represented and to be allowed to take part in the decision making process.

Common Sense fo Independence Essays

It had now become a common sentiment among the Americans that there were so many things that they felt had to be done but were left unresolved due to their exclusion.

America went to war not to prove that they were stronger but rather they went to war in order to set things right.

Essay on common sense and the declaration of independence

America wanted to help the people in living an unsuppressed life and this is why they fought for independence. The rights of the people were incorporated into state constitutions.

Thus came the widespread assertion of liberty, individual rights, equality and hostility toward corruption which would prove core values of republicanism to Americans. The steadily expanding role of democracy in government caused the deterioration of traditional social hierarchies that existed.

Instead a new ethic was created within the core of American Political values. While the United States was arguably not the first democracy to ever exist, the neo-classical model that arose during this time was largely unheard of in other parts of the world, particularly from a British Colony.

Essay on common sense and the declaration of independence

This means that according to some sources, the American Revolution had a greater impact on the world because it was the first who had fought against the British rule and ensured independence for itself.

The American Revolution was the one that began the trend of ambushing the British and taking over their own country so that they can rule it in the right way and so that they can also allow the public to be a part of the decisions that are going to be made by the government.

This was a major victory for America and this is why they celebrate such an occasion.This prompt a pamphlet which was created in English, titled ‘common sense’ by Thomas Paine.

In the pamphlet, he claimed that the colonial independence is not impossible and also sustained a persuasive example for independence which has not be considered by the America colonies.

Thanks to the declaration of independence common sense we now have rights that people didn’t have before.

Essay on common sense and the declaration of independence

The desire of liberty spurred the American revolutionary war by the oppression of King George lll unfair taxes and stamp laws, and their lack of rights. Declaration of Independence and Common Sense. Are you looking for a similar paper or any other quality academic essay?

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Essay on sociology and common sense

The main point for me is, that John Locke's essay influenced more the writing of the declaration of independence than the decision to declare independence. I think it was Common Sense which brought the idea of revolution into the house of every citizen of the thirteen colonies, and it was the public, it was the point, that so many people.

Common Sense The Declaration of Independence When was the document written? When was the document written? Who was the intended audience? Who was the intended audience? What was the goal of the author?

What was the goal of the author? What is the emotional appeal the author is.

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