Essayer detre heureux paroles

Quelle chance de vous connaitre! Mille Mercis pour eux, et pour nous Encore un grand merci pour votre accueil, vos conseils et votre professionnalisme. Notre ami partage notre quotidien et fait vraiment partie de la famille.

Essayer detre heureux paroles

RemusLupinFan It's the beginning of 7th year for the Marauders Don't like, don't read! It all belongs to JK Rowling. The 4 Marauders were hanging out in the Gryffindor Common Room. Peter and James were playing chess, Remus was doing a Transfiguration homework that was due in two days, and Sirius was watching them from the couch, completly bored.

He wished one of his friends would join him to prank the Slytherins instead of doing such boring things. Sighing, he got up and sat next to Remus.

Sirius looked at the boy next to him, deep in thought. Sirius had realised that he never knew how to act or what to say when he was next to Remus, because he always wanted to impress him, or show off, only to get his attention.

Because he liked him. What he felt for his friend was far more than friendship since last year. No one knew about his infutiation with their favourite lycanthrope.

How could he ever tell his best friend that he, Hogwart's ladie's man, was gay? Not that he thought James would mind after all, if he had accepted a werewolf, how could not accept his friend's homosexuality?

It's not like if Moony liked him back. Remus wasn't even gay! So it didn't matter anyway how Sirius felt, because nothing will happen! Sirius came back down to earth when he heard Peter swore loudly when James took his Queen. He shook his head, laughing. Wanna play a game of Exploding Snap?

He loved it when his friend spoke in French. Remus, whose family came from France, often used French when he studied or wrote things down.

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Sirius thought it made him look even sexier than usual. Not that Remus knew, of course. The only thing he hated when Remus spoke French was the fact that he never understood what his friend said.

Essayer detre heureux paroles

And Remus often said sentences in French in front of him, for fun, just to annoy him. Sirius looked at his friend with his best puppy eyes, and said slowly: I'm bored to death!

He took his friend's quill in one fast move. You love me far too much for that!

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You're gonna have to catch it then! Come on, you're always doing homework, that's so boring! Have some fun for once! I bet you can't take it back!

Remus looked at him for a while, then angrily took his things, and left in direction of their dormitory. Sirius got up as well, running fastly after Remus.

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Essayer detre heureux paroles

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