History of apple computer 2002 and the pc industry essay

Time magazine named the personal computer its "Man of the Year. Postwar Innovations ENIAC and other early computers proved to many universities and corporations that the machines were worth the tremendous investment of money, space and manpower they demanded.

History of apple computer 2002 and the pc industry essay

Increasing market share by upgrading ads 2. Attract more new customers 3. Simulate the demand of PC users 4.

Invention of the PC: The Computer Age

Encourage more frequent buying 1. Increasing market share, because of Mac OS will be compatible with other developers. Faced risk of losing domination of Mac OS. Open a new hardware market will increase profits 4.

Reduce cost of goods sold 1. Increasing business market share. Improve the reputation and awareness in the business world. Enhance its position of professional PC.

Keep the relationship with existing target customers 3. Change from professional, niche player to normal niche player. Based on this alternative, Apple could target more customers 3.

Increasing competitiveness in pricing competition, but loss unique position in the PC industry. Focus on business market. Enhance its professional position.

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The professional position will demonstrate the good quality of Apple computer. Based on the business analysis and consequence table, I recommend Apple continue to appeal to business users. To occupy the business market is important for Apple.

Not only will the company be able to re-establish its position in the business world, but it will be able to expose Windows users to Macs and show them that using Mac is just as easy as using a Windows system. We know Apple is able to develop new products for business users and it needs to take advantage of the opportunities that they have.

Invention of the PC - HISTORY

And I think the most important target market for the computer industry is business world, so making changes in business user strategy it is easy to obtain meaningful results.

Also, it could increase market share rapidly.

History of apple computer 2002 and the pc industry essay

Because of the demand of the company is larger than the individual. If business users satisfied the functions of Apple computer, they will need an Apple laptop in their daily life. Sales of PC grew rapidly from the late s through the s. In the s, Internet access and substitutes of computer accelerated the development of technological change, while the competition in PC market became fierce and the sales steadily going down.

Between andPC sales actually declined for the second time. Sincethe industry has rebounded. InPC sales in the US increased by 8. The most attraction of the global market is reducing the labor cost in PC manufacturing. For the first movement of oversea, U.

PC companies would like to launch its products on the Japanese market, whose labor cost was low and it close to U.

It made icons into art.

Then the movement expanded into the Asia. In a global perspective, besides the cost of the product in different countries, the company needs to consider the operation in the global market.

Other factors that could influence demand include increases in fuel costs, mortgage markets, labor costs, consumer confidence, and other macroeconomic factors affecting consumer spending behavior.

Apple was established in and inApple launched its computer to the international market, and it gained a large share of the worldwide PC market. Apple was successful in the global market, especially in Japan.The Kenbak-1, released in early , is considered by the Computer History Museum to be the world's first personal computer.

It was designed and invented by John Blankenbaker of Kenbak Corporation in , and was first sold in early Industry Analysis: Apple Computers History of Apple Computer and the PC Industry.

Essay Analyze the structure of the personal computer industry over the last ten years. How have the dynamics of the PC industry changed? 2. Has Steve Jobs solved the "problem"? What should Steve Jobs do today? 1. The Apple II revolutionized the computer industry with the introduction of the first-ever color graphics.1 Sales jumped from $ million in to $ million in , Apple II Personal Computer Apple Computer, IncHistory.

History of Apple Computer and the PC Industry Essay Sample. 1. Analyze the structure of the personal computer industry over the last ten years.

Two years later, Gates brokered the deal that would give Microsoft one of the most powerful revenue streams in the history of American business: an agreement to provide an operating system for a new personal computer, or PC, being developed by the International Business Machines Corporation.

The name Apple was chosen because the company to beat in the technology industry at the time was Atari, and Apple Computer came before Atari not a commercial success, due in part to its high price, the NeXT computer would introduce important concepts to the history of the personal computer In early , Apple unveiled a completely.

Invention of the PC - HISTORY