Leadership of oedipus hugo chavez and

Leaders are intelligent people who know how to convince others that they are right, and people have to follow them and their ideas. King Oedipus, the president of Venezuela, Hugo Chavez, and the villain of Harry Potter, Lord Voldemort, are three leaders that hide a fear behind their power. Oedipus lives with the fear that he is going to kill his father and marry his mother.

Leadership of oedipus hugo chavez and

Posted on February 5, Leave a comment Lebanese soldiers carry the coffin of Sergeant Ibranim Zahraman during his funeral in the town of Akkar northern Lebanon, Feb. Lebanese military sources said that two days before the incident, the Intelligence Directorate of the Lebanese Army received information that Khalid Ahmed Hameed, who is wanted by the Lebanese judiciary, came to the town of Arsal from Syria, where a civil war has been raging for about two years.

The sources said that Hameed is suspected of kidnapping seven Estonian citizens in the Bekaa on March 23,as they were riding from Syria to Lebanon on bicycles. There were held at an unknown destination for days, before being released under mysterious circumstances as a result of secret negotiations between French security agencies and the intelligence arm of the Lebanese Internal Security Forces, which is close to former Prime Minister Saad Hariri.

The Lebanese government also received Western security reports raising the possibility that Hameed is linked to jihadists belonging to al-Qaeda in Iraq and Jabhat al-Nusra in Syria. Hameed is also suspected of being involved in the shooting incident against the Lebanese army in Arsal on Nov.

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Based on the above information, an elite strike force unit belonging to army intelligence went to Arsal to ambush the suspect and arrest him. The operation started around noon on Friday but the arrest operation was interrupted by an exchange of gunfire between the soldiers and the suspect, thus revealing the ambush to the jihadist groups residing in Arsal.

In a short period of time, the Lebanese army unit found itself surrounded by hundreds of fundamentalists and jihadists. The long gunfight resulted in the killing of the army sergeant and captain and the wounding of eight soldiers.

Similar jihadist celebrations over the bodies of dead Lebanese army soldiers happened on at least two previous occasions. The first time was on the night of Dec. Back then, a jihadist group attacked a Lebanese army post in an attempt to start a Sunni fundamentalist insurgency in the region.

The second time was on May 21,when a group of jihadists belonging to the Sunni organization Fatah al-Islam attacked a Lebanese army checkpoint at the entrance of the Nahr al-Bared Palestinian refugee camp near Tripoli. Seven army soldiers were literally slaughtered in that incident. Because of several factors, what happened on Friday in Arsal marked a dangerous turn in the confrontations between the Lebanese army and Sunni jihadist forces.

First, the jihadist forces today have strategic depth that provides them with support, supplies and sanctuary. That strategic depth is represented by the Sunni jihadist groups that are fighting in the Syrian civil war against Bashar al-Assad.

Second, the area where the incident took place is geographically linked to several dangerous areas. It is connected to the Damascus and Homs countryside, which is where an Al-Monitor research report predicted will be the main area of a Lebanese-Syrian war.

It is also connected to the tense demarcation line between pro-Hezbollah Shiites in Baalbeck and Hermel and certain Palestinian armed locations. Those factors were not present during the incidents in Dinniyah and Tripoli, because they are not linked to the Syrian depth nor to Lebanese Shiite areas.

The TV station and those responsible for the skit backed down and complied. Meanwhile, the northern city of Tripoli is still reeling from the recent attempted assassination of Youth and Sports Minister Faisal Karami by Sunni jihadist elements.

According to Lebanese cabinet ministers, those who tried to assassinate Karami have threatened Lebanese security forces about trying to arrest any of their members. Thus, the Lebanese authorities have been unable to arrest suspects involved in an incident that happened in broad daylight and in front of the cameras.

In addition, the top mufti of the Sunnis in Lebanon recently issued in Beirut a fatwaor religious edict, deeming any Muslim who supports the passage of a civil marriage law to be an apostate and outside of Islam.

So it seems that the four dimensions — the South, the Bekaa, the North and Beirut — forming a perfect storm for Sunni jihadism in Lebanon are now set. What will be the result of that development?

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We are passing through a very dangerous phase, which should be closely monitored by Lebanon, the region and the West.Movie Reviews-The Devil's Double, Conan The Barbarian and more. The Devil's Double. I want it all!!! Uday has a serious Oedipus complex going on. He decides if Papa (Phillp Quast) can have a double he wants one too.

So he has people make Latif an offer he dare not refuse. Others yearn for the sorcery and female leadership of Arthur's. Hugo Chavez–Not sure, and since one shouldn’t act without a great deal of surety villain for now.

Raul Castro–if he’s as bad as his brother, then hero for killing him. Orion. Hugo Chavez’s vote intention is below 50% for the first time since , reports a survey conducted by Venezuelan pollster Datanálisis. That is a dramatic fall from .

Oedipus, in the words of Gilles Deleuze, is the norm, society, capitalism breeds schizophrenia, breeds suicidal tendencies, but beyond that codifies them and normifies them. Thus austerity becomes the norm. Hurin was a man who took up that struggle against evil.

As lord of his group of men, he and his brother Huor led his army to join the elves, dwarves and other men against Morgoth's legions in what became known as The Battle of Unnumbered Tears.

Police Corruption Essay. Police corruption is a complex issue.

Leadership of oedipus hugo chavez and

Police corruption or the abuse of authority by a police officer, acting officially to fulfill personal needs or .

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