My winning speech at an award

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My winning speech at an award

Public speaking search An award acceptance speech to inspire In October Zambian school principal Olive Mumba traveled 10, miles to say thank you for being given an educational award honoring her commitment to provide schooling for children from poor families in her Lusaka community.

Below is the full text of her award acceptance speech - inspired, impassioned and humble. As I do so, I wish to recognize the presence of…. InBirdland was established to provide primary education in the Kaunda Square and surrounding communities of Lusaka.

As I speak, the school has grown from 2 children in to children currently and caters for children from nursery to 7th Grade. These children are served by a dedicated team of teachers and support staff whose number now stands at As the school was growing, we realized that some of the parents and guardians were struggling to pay the minimal school fees.

In order to assist them, we started a revolving fund from which the parents would borrow and start up small business ventures. This enabled them to pay the school fees and to improve their livelihood.

Ladies and gentlemen, I stand here, tall and excited to let you know that this effort has resulted in the setting up of a duly registered and viable micro-finance institution whose target market has grown from what it was to now cater for the rural women who require finance to either obtain agriculture implements or to send their children to school.

I am glad to report that this facility currently has a portfolio of clients! This partnership has grown and accomplished many notable things including the following: Currently, we are constructing a school library.

It will not only cater for the pupils but also for the community in which the school is located. You may wish to know that there is no such facility in the entire area and the nearest library is located almost 7 kilometers away. We believe that as children have access to books and the internet, they will be able to do more research and understand the world better.

Ladies and gentlemen, today we face the following challenges: Yes, they are big challenges and could be overwhelming if we let them. But we will not let them!

My winning speech at an award

We are determined to face them and win through. I must also express my thanks, deep admiration, and appreciation to Melinda Mueller who took the risk of trusting a total stranger several years back when this dream was in its infancy.

Back home, my dearest friend and Husband Phillip, and my two wonderful children, Kalomba and Lomadinga also deserve my deepest expression of gratitude for their support and confidence throughout this journey.

Ladies and gentlemen, if this award stands for anything, it stands for the united spirit in all of us even though it has my name on it. I achieve because we achieve and we achieve because we meet the challenges together!

As I accept this award on behalf of you all I would like to remind everybody that what we are doing today is planting a seed for the future. Thank you so much and God bless you all! Its students take part in fundraising activities to raise money for books, desks,teaching equipment and buildings.

The school also recognizes those who have made significant contributions to enhance the lives of others. During her 3 week stay she visited the SASS classes whose students had fund raised for her school, was interviewed by local newspaper reporters, and attended the dinner where she delivered this award acceptance speech.The English Patient is the best Booker Prize winning book ever, according to a public vote.

Reba McEntire got choked up accepting her Grammy Award for Best Roots Gospel Album on Sunday night (Jan. 28) in New York City. Her honest acceptance speech . An award acceptance speech example - an inspiring, heartfelt, thank you speech by Zambian Birdland School Principal Olive Mumba my acceptance and receipt of this award and honor would be not be complete without letting you walk with me along memory lane, We are determined to face them and win through.

O n behalf of . Facett wins Good Design Award. On Thursday 17th of March Facett received the Australian Good Design Award® of the Year at a ceremony held at the Sydney Opera House. A snobbish phonetics professor agrees to a wager that he can take a flower girl and make her presentable in high society.

Thank you speech for award sample can provide an example of how to build a speech for accepting an award for any kind of accomplishment and in any environment.

My winning speech at an award

Dear colleagues, I am very glad to have a chance to deliver my speech .

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