Renault s logan car managing customs duties

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Renault s logan car managing customs duties

Reanult's Logan Car Case Solution: Managing Customs and Duties for a Global Production: Moreover they were also responsible for understanding the global customs environment. Inbound and outbound logistics operations and procurement were organized to add value at each step.

The home base in Romania produced cars for EU countries, however the automobiles built in a given country could be produced with a range of local content also.

Renault s logan car managing customs duties

Logistic then is required to transport the vehicle form production site to its market of sale. This allowed the assembly to be centralized in Romania. In order to save cost another option could be used.

CKDs completely knocked down units could be shipped to another country for final assembly. Hence, 1 Renault seeks to order CKD-parts from various suppliers, acquire them at a competitive price and in enhanced quality; therefore CKDs were not only ordered form the mother site in Romania but also from local plants.

Domestic vendors or other regional sites were also taken into consideration. Purchasing parts from local suppliers than using CKD parts would also depends on the competiveness of the supplier in each country. A volume increase correlated to the increases in competiveness of local suppliers.

Depending on the end market, Renault would use either its own name or the brand name Dacia. Foreign Trade Related Risks Inflation and foreign exchange related risks are very dominating risk factors which are closely watched and analysed.

Here the inflation rate of the local currency and also the exchange rates are taken into consideration before deciding whether or not to invest or source pars form a country. A duty drawback provides refund on customs duties, taxes, or other fees that had been collected at importation.

Payment risks could occur if such regulations are misinterpreted resulting in the company losing out on drawbacks. Such policy changes might force policy changes might force them to move their operations to countries with improved economic incentives.

Local content regulations for subsidiaries and affiliates: TRIMS agreement — restricts import of goods for domestic companies, preference to domestic goods, the amount of imported goods should be equal to exported.Trade barriers and Renault’s Configuration Customs duties for exported goods Each country has its own procedures in custom policy, which varies in complexity (decided by implementing of Trade Beam (trade compliance system)). address/host '%s' unusable. Jakob Bohm: AM: xntpd and Timekeeper: Peter: 9/10/ Case Solution: Creating the Future at Southwest Airlines by Mary B. Teagarden: Case Solution & Analysis: Renault's Logan Car Managing Customs Duties for a Global Product by Hau Lee, Amanda Silverman: Case Solution & Analysis.

Renault™s Logan Car GS p. 4 THE LOGAN The Logan was designed as a car for new markets with high potential growth. Renault initially targeted customers in .

The global network requires explicit treatment of taxes, customs and duties. This case is about Renault’s recent car Logan, which was designed to serve markets in emerging markets like Eastern Europe, North Africa and the Middle East. Renault S Logan Car: Managing Customs Duties for a Global Product.

CASE: GS DATE: 04/29/08 RENAULT’S LOGAN CAR: MANAGING CUSTOMS DUTIES FOR A GLOBAL PRODUCT There are some commodities with very high levels of complexity with respect to customs duties.

Because of this, we must have some specific knowledge of what duty optimization. renault’s logan car: managing customs duties for a global product There are some commodities with very high levels of complexity with respect to customs duties. Because of this, we must have some specific knowledge of what duty optimization, drawbacks, specific regime, and automotive laws are.

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