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Ryan gessay d c

This paper looks at comparison of two different cultures that manifests certain uniqueness in a classroom setting of the countries mentioned above.

Geert Hofstede s cultural dimension would be used to make the comparison more clear, the dimensions highlighted here would be Power distance Index and Uncertainty Avoidance and Individualism and Collectivism.

Culture, respect, pedagogy, faculty-student relation, student behaviour, power distance, uncertainty avoidance, invidualism, collectivism.

Introduction "Culture is more often a source of conflict than of synergy. Culture differences are a nuisance at best and often a disaster" Dr. It is necessary to understand such differences of different nations and respect their cultural traditions and understand their cultures and national spirit Mr.

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Qinghua Liu,Nankai University China Culture difference is one thing that would have been witnessed by each one of us at some point in life. Class room culture is often the unspoken and unconscious factors about how the people involved in a class behave during lessons, their mannerisms such as behaviour towards the teacher, the method teaching, when and what type of behaviours are tolerated or frowned upon in a class ETL notebook.

This is why I would like to draw out this comparison of my country India, and United Kingdom. However this comparison is carried out using Hofstede s dimensions of culture which mainly enumerates the Power Distance Index, Uncertainty Avoidance Index and Individualism and Collectivism.

Comparison- India and UK Power Distance Index One of the basic issues which are dealt by different societies differently is human inequality. Power distance comes into picture here. Power distance is the "extent to which the less powerful members of the institution and organisations within a country expect and accept the power is distributed unequally" Dr.

There are countries which have high Power distance or low Power distance.

Ryan gessay d c

Considering the two countries in this essay, namely India and United Kingdom has high power distance and low power distance respectively. India In ancient times in India, teacher student relation was considered to be very sacred and holy.

It is said 'acharya devo bhava' which means treat the Guru or teacher equal to god. The 'Guru' means teacher or remover of darkness in Sanskrit was considered to be a godly figure.

To trace back to history the school or the place where the students taught was called 'Gurukula' where the teacher and his family lived.

In the Gurukula system, the teacher ensured that the students learnt everything by heart and no scope of leniency was given to them until they mastered in all the subjects. Moreover, the so called classroom during those time where in the forests under trees and it was away from towns and cities.

The teacher and the student shared a mental connection with each other.

- Class of 2005

So that was the classroom setting in the ancient India. In the present scenario we can see a very different picture but still a glimpse of the tradition can be traced in the present day classrooms as well.

Thus India being a country with high power distance, the education and the class room setting is different from the one in UK.

Here teachers are treated with full respect and students usually stand up when the teacher enters the class In Indian culture it is a sign of respect to stand up when an elder enters the room.

During this process the students are not allowed to interrupt the session and students can speak up only when invited to. Sometimes there is a need for learning everything by heart which can be seen when we trace back to the 'Gurukula system' of education. Moreover, teachers are never criticised or contradicted publicly and once done it is considered as an offence to them.

This is one important attribute of a country with high power distance index. The fact of corporal punishments in schools in India is considered to be an acceptable factor.Check if Christine Gessay treats your condition or procedure. About Me.

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