Us and china relations essay

He argued that while the United States and China were destined to engage in great-power competition, geography and structural factors would lead to a stable regional bipolar balance.

Us and china relations essay

The South China Sea Conflict In order to better understand how these terms relate to what this paper wants to explain and develop, in what follows, a historical background of the conflict will be contained and explained.

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After that the flow of arguments will be comprehensive for the reader. The South China Sea conflict is not a new one and it has a lot of implications. Only an overlook of this conflict can be explanatory enough in order for the paper to be relevant.

The area includes the Paracels and the Spratlys islands. The area started to be of importance after the 20th century, and until that moment it did not represent worth mentioning in any negotiation or war.

It remained under Japanese domination until the end of the war and after the war ended Japan renounced its sovereignty over the region. The archipelagoes remained unoccupied.

The issue became of importance for the entire world, not only for those that would have a direct control over the region. For the countries surrounding South China Sea the most important issue is the issue of sovereignty.

Especially for the traditional countries like China, Taiwan, Vietnam sovereignty is an important factor that matters for the image of the country. The retrieval of islands and of under their domination would erase to a certain extent the humiliation that they had to face when the area was under European domination.

The economic benefits are an important factor that heightens the desire of PRC for the region.

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Resources are mainly of interest for all the parties involved in this conflict and ultimately high stakes mean hard negotiation. The large quantities of natural resources, especially energy and a large amount of fish resources made countries that do not consider sovereignty such an important issue to become Us and china relations essay in the area as well.

Another debatable issue would the amount of oil that could be exploited in the South China Sea, but the numbers are high Ma Shaohua, Given the fact that most of the countries in the area are oil importers, the eagerness to dominate the region becomes clearer.

Great emphasis is put on the fishery business especially because of the shortages announced in what regards the seafood stock of Asian countries in the region.

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In China, for example, the seafood consumption has grown to a high extent in the last years Ma Shaohua, It is important to note the reasons for which non-claimants are interested in the area.

If the region would pass under the sovereignty of a given state the free pass of ships in the area would not be free anymore. Important shipments pass through the region with cargos that are directed towards United States, Japan and Middle East.

Trade is exercised to a great extent there and domination would restrain the trade. These countries would prefer a free lane of passage in order to ensure that their shipments reach the destination and they want to ensure this as peacefully as possible Ma Shaohua, ; Rotolo, China assumes that some ancient Chinese objects found in the area ensure the Chinese sovereignty in the region.

Besides the upper mentioned attempts China also forcibly tried to gain access to Paracels islands in when it they attacked the Vietnamese forces.

Vietnam considers on the other hand that the Paracels islands were part of Vietnam and this is the reason for which they were together colonized by France. Attempts have been made on both sides to start military actions against the other, but except for the violent encounter, they did not take under domination the archipelago in a violent manner.

The Paracels islands are disputed mainly by China, Vietnam and Taiwan. The archipelago is located in the northwestern part of the South China Sea and in this particular part the main issue is that of domination over the region.

The other archipelago that is disputed is the Spratlys that is located to the South of the Sea. Here the controversies are of a higher degree because it involves as well the free pass of shipments mentioned before. This area is disputed by several countries like China, Vietnam and Taiwan and besides these three by Brunei, The Philippines and Malaysia.

The countries involved in the Paracels dispute sustained their claims based on historical proves, however the other actors involved decided to use International law to back-up their stories. With regards to this they used especially the United Nations Convention on Law of the Sea that helped them contra-argument the historical implications presented by the others.

Military forces have been deployed on the islands from all parties involved except Brunei. The distribution of islands started in and since then each of the countries involved started to get their fair share of islands.

China wants everything and considers that the islands belong to it entirely without possibility for division. Important to mention here is that China started its occupation through an attack against Vietnam and it was the only one that adopted this type of method of occupation.

That particular moment was the trigger that made China to be seen as a possible danger by the entire international scene and it always raised international concern.

China made another attempt against Philippines and this turnover made things worse as the Philippines was part of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations. This pin point represented the moment in which everyone realized the importance of the matter and the fact that an unresolved conflict may start another violent treat from China.

After the region started to present tensions and unrest and starting to gain more and more attention from the international scene. The first matter on the list was to stop China from the violent stand that it took and to make sure that the conflict would be solved peacefully. In that moment multilateral negotiations started to seem a good option, engaging in this way the parties into a coordination of policies that would allow further development.Cuba and US relations Essays: Over , Cuba and US relations Essays, Cuba and US relations Term Papers, Cuba and US relations Research Paper, Book Reports.

ESSAYS, term and research papers available for UNLIMITED access. To what extent have US-China relations since been affected by globalization?

Us and china relations essay

Uploaded by roseline55 on Nov 19, Throughout the s, China was identified as a major world military power as well as a US rival. Dec 22,  · Emerging US-China relations – An essay -Dr.

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Abdul Ruff Colachal _____ National interest Every nation purses its own national interest by conducting foreign relations. China is dong the same as much as USA or Russia or any other country. USA and China – the focus of this study- would not do anything. In this essay, I am going to analyze and explore the future of US-China relations systematically and to see whether this relationship is beneficial to the other countries.

First of all, the Competition between the United States and China is inevitable, but the conflicts between them can be avoided. The Open Door policy was a statement of principles initiated by the United States in and It called for protection of equal privileges for all countries trading with China and for the support of Chinese territorial and administrative integrity.

More Essay Examples on. After instead drawn-out dialogues between the United States and China, there has. been a trade understanding reached between the two states - US China Relations Research Paper After Essay introduction.

China has agreed to.

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