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Stories link to organized primary and secondary source materials found principally at U. The purpose of the site including its separate, stand-alone channels is to take visitors on a virtual guided tour of relevant on-line source materials. Be sure to check out Click2History. Turning the Pages Turning the Pages is an award-winning interactive display system developed by The British Library to increase public access and enjoyment of some of its most valuable treasures.

Website lesson plans

Adding and Subtracting Decimals - The student will be able to add and subtract numbers with place values to the hundredths. Adding Integers - Students will use two different types of cereal to practice adding positive and negative integers.

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This will help them visualize how numbers cancel each other out. Drawing Nets of 3 Dimensional Objects - Students will be able to use concrete materials to help them understand the concept of nets.

Being able to take an object and spread it out flat is much easier to see Website lesson plans concrete terms rather than in the abstract. Estimating - The student will be able to estimate the cost of three new items and the length of time necessary to save the money for those items.

Finding circumference, diameter, and radius - This activity will allow students to measure the circumference, diameter, and radius of a circle in a hands-on way.

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By being able to manipulate a circle and stretch it out the idea of circumference will be more concrete. Students will use each other, desks, and chairs to create circles that can be measured.

Finding Square Footage - The student will be able to calculate the square footage of a given area. Graphing - This activity will introduce graphing.

The teacher will guide the students as they work together to develop questions, set up a blank graph, interview other students, and fill in the graph with the results. A teacher created worksheet can be completed at the end of the activity to reinforce the concept.

Introducing a standard unit of measure: Students will measure various objects in the classroom using their own feet and a ruler. By comparing their results with their classmates, they will be able to see the value of a standard unit of measure.

Math on a Map - Students will practice finding a variety of information using a satellite picture of their hometown.

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This would be a great activity to use for review or when there is a substitute. More or less or the same - For this activity, students will work in pairs to play a game. The teacher will introduce the concepts of more, less, and the same.

The whole class will play a game with the teacher using dominoes before dividing into pairs to play the game. Ordering Numbers - Students will work together to practice ordering groups of six and seven numbers. They will use their phone numbers and birth dates written on index cards.Weight Loss Story.

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Objectives: Students will learn to use MS Paint and the tools in the program to design a Mr. Potato Head.

Website lesson plans

Students will learn how to Print and Save. themed package Thanksgiving Ideas for the Classroom. By Phil Nast, retired middle school teacher and freelance writer. Celebrate the Thanksgiving season in the classroom and at home with these K lessons, quizzes, activities, games, trivia, books, and movies.

Figurative Language Board Game - Whole Class Review. SMART Notebook lesson. The ultimate FREE resource for teachers.

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