Why laws are broken essay

Law and the Rule of Law What is a Law? How often do you have to stop yourself from doing what you want, because you know that this action is prohibited or wrong? In the United States, it seems like we have laws, rules, and regulations to oversee just about everything.

Why laws are broken essay

Assume, you one of the member of a real group discussion. Take the initiative to participate and contribute your thoughts. Express your positive attitude towards providing the solution.

Sep 19, Rules are meant to be broken. The above statement can't apply to every rule. Let me discuss an example here. Courts enforce rules upon people for reducing crime and evil I'm the society. Without rules, ethics and morals, where would our society be turning into? In this case, rules play a major role.

On the other hand, there are few rules that we are following till date that need to be crossed. We used to have a rule that justified child marriage, if the same convention is being followed now, there's nothing wrong in crossing it. Children are meant t grow and develop into a brighter citizens by not being tied to marriages.

Hence, I conclude saying that, rules can be best as per the generation and their adaptability. Sep 6, No, I don't think so because rules makes our life easy. Aug 1, As per my opinion, rules are Why laws are broken essay to be broken is not true because rules are made for the convenience of people.

Why Are Laws Important in Our Society? | attheheels.com Law and the Rule of Law What is a Law?

So rules are made to follow it not to break it. If we follow the rules then it will be helpful for us and for others also. Jul 28, In my option, one should follow rules not for his own good but also for others. One must consider following rules is good for the long run.

I would like to elaborate it by saying when we park our vehicle in a no-parking zone knowingly then because of that may be a lot of people can suffer and get irritated because of a wrong decision of not following the rule.

I completely disagree with the statement of rules are meant to be broken in any way. Jun 18, Rules are meant to be broken is not true but when there is need to change the rule then we must do it. Rules are made by keeping in mind that it will help in accomplishing the work in proper manner. But we know as time changes, new technologies evolved, new ways of handling problems are made rather than using old ones.

So, we should follow the rules but instead of breaking them find that why you are going to break them. May be that rule is not necessary nowdays to follow then replace the rule with new one which can be followed according to new generation.

May 24, Rules are made to be followed and not to be broken.

Why laws are broken essay

Now it's up to us how we see rules. May 11, Hello, Everyone. I think rules are made by our ancestors from their experiences so, rules are almost for our goodwill, we should follow the rules, some of the rules are not understandable to us we don't know the fact behind the rules, and we don't have that much time to know the fact behind each and every rule.

So instead of breaking rules, we should try to follow it. I would like to say one thing also that if there is a situation comes where you have to break rules, before breaking rules thinks twice about result whether it is good for all or not. Mar 14, I am delighted to see such wonderful thought provoking inputs.

Rules are meant to control, influence. Main objective of defining of any rule is to expect a person should behave in particular mannerism. As time passes, these rules become absolute and ineffective, which needs to be re validate as time passes.

Effectiveness of rule execution measurement tool is major tool to re define rule execution. Rule binds person's mind and body.

I am not saying we should not break laws, but we must have to break rules to extend our boundaries. Bringing our dreams into reality. We have to break barriers and fly high through this route.

Check history and you will find all people who had done exceptionally well in their life is not believing in ongoing rule and breaking rule. Mar 10, LIFE is dynamic in nature it's never still.Laws exist for five basic reasons, and all of them can be abused.

Below, read the five major reasons why we need laws in our society to survive and thrive. Why do people say "rules are meant to be broken"?

Update Cancel. ad by Grammarly. To truly be creative and think outside the box you have to do away with both morals and laws, however, if too many do this, then the world tumbles into anarchy and chaos.

If rules are meant to be broken then why are they made? Justice Is An Action When Requirements Of Our Laws Are Broken - Final In a broad sense, justice is an action when requirements of our laws are broken.

Some people believe that God creates commandments for justice, but others believe that justice is given through nature itself.

Why do people break laws and commit crimes? To Charles Slade’s and Kirsten Tynan’s lists, let me add: had people not broken laws in opposition to them. k Views · View Upvoters · View Sharers. James Doran, former Supervisory Border Patrol Agent at US Border Patrol ().

Lot of discussions are going on this topic 'Rules are meant to be broken'. It may be true may not be true. However, I feel that rues are meant to be broken but we need to specify which rules.

All rules need not be broken, if some are oppressive then there are as some rules . Laws were Meant to be Broken: Perpetual Motion Devices D.

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S. C. and P.C. K. Although some rules seem unnecessary or trivial, other rules truly are attheheels.com a multiple paragraph essay to an interested adult explaining, why a certain rule is important to you and to others. Remember to support your position using specific reasons and.

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