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The city was founded in to be the only deep water port in Cambodia and its beaches are making it more popular as a tourist destination. According to the Royal Government of Cambodia sometourists visited Sihanoukville inup by 30 percent from The city is named after King Norodom Sihanouk. Inthe town was the location where three western backpackers were kidnapped and killed by the Khmer Rouge, which affected tourism in the area for many years after.

Writing about kampong som resort

Etymology[ edit ] The official name [17] of the city in Khmer is: Krong city Preah holy Sihanouk name of the former kingwhich adds up to: King Norodom Sihanouk reignedwas and still is revered as father of the modern nation.

Siha lionand Hanu jaws. Its meaning underwent extension towards pier or river landing bridge. Landlocked Cambodia tried to keep its access to maritime trade through Ha Tien.

Until its destruction in the port developed into an independent duty-free entrepot linked with several Chinese trading networks. Kampot remained the only international seaport of Cambodia. The Vietnamese were interfering with the trade at Kampot, and this would be the basis of an approach Thus, without the aid of Great Britain, Kampot or any other port in Cambodia, can never become a commercial Emporium.

The trade at Kampot which they sought to foster was imperiled by pirates. Here is a point where the wedge might be inserted, that would open the interior of the Indo-Chinese Peninsula to British Commerce, as the great River of the Cambodians traverses its entire length and even affords communication into the heart of Siam".

The establishment of another international trading center near the existing city of Saigon was not considered necessary. Focus remained the Mekong and the idea to establish an alternative route to Chinese and Thai markets along an uninterrupted navigable waterway all the way south to the Mekong Delta.

He managed to control the northern part of Preah Sihanouk for some time until he—an old man—was arrested by the local governor. After the dissolution of French Indochina init became apparent that the steadily tightening control of the Mekong Delta by Vietnam required a solution to gain unrestricted access to the seas.

Plans were made to construct an entirely new deep-water port. Kompong Saom Kampong Som was selected for water depth and ease of access. Funds for construction of the port came from France and the road was financed by the United States. During the two days of action, the US commenced air strikes on targets on the mainland of Sihanoukville including the port, the Ream Naval Basean airfield, the railroad yard and the petroleum refinery in addition to strikes and naval gun fire on several islands.

writing about kampong som resort

With the further opening of new markets inthe city regained its role in the economic growth of Cambodia. After the completion of certain elements of the infrastructure, the investor announced alterations of the original blueprints, as "Reapplying for permission will happen in The organisation officially accepted the Bay of Cambodia as one of its members at its 7th General Assembly.Cambodia Part Three: To Kompong Som and Back.

On Sunday morning, we get up early for a trip to Kompong Som.

writing about kampong som resort

Located on the Gulf of Thailand, Kompong Som . Sihanoukville (Khmer: ក្រុងព្រះសីហនុ, Krong Preah Sihanouk), also known as "Kampong Som" (Khmer: កំពង់សោម), is a coastal. Sihanoukville, originally called Kompong Som, is the only deep-water port in the country.

It's located in the south of Cambodia on the Gulf of Thailand, miles southwest of capital city Phnom Penh. Kampongsom City Hotel & Casino, Sihanoukville (Cambodia) Deals Room Info & Price Facilities House Rules Guest Reviews (15)!

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Top Job Cambodia - Saint Blanquat & A. Co., Ltd Address: #7B Street 81, Phnom Penh Phone 22 44 Cambodia Part Three: To Kompong Som and Back. On Sunday morning, we get up early for a trip to Kompong Som. Located on the Gulf of Thailand, Kompong Som . Sihanoukville in Cambodia (Kompong Som), it is above all some very clean white sandy beaches, the crystal clear ocean and palm trees, at 4 hours of Phnom Penh the capital. A stopping place in this seaside resort before or after the discovery of the Kingdom of Cambodia.

Indonesian Travel and Tour: Kampong Resort is a tour operator serves Indonesian domestic. Cambodia Part Three: To Kompong Som and Back.

On Sunday morning, we get up early for a trip to Kompong Som. Located on the Gulf of Thailand, Kompong Som is .